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Stage 1

Original price 16.467,00 Kč - Original price 16.467,00 Kč
Original price
16.467,00 Kč
16.467,00 Kč - 16.467,00 Kč
Current price 16.467,00 Kč
Power Torque
Stock 132kW (180ps) 249Nm (184lbft)
REVO Stage 1 Software 168-182kW (228ps - 248ps) 350-375Nm (258lbft - 277lbft)



Stage 1

All Revo performance Software is designed to safely enhance the driveability of your vehicle, giving access to more power and torque throughout the rev range while maintaining the extensive factory safety mechanisms. Although Revo offers some of the most substantial performance increases on the market, peak figures form part of a much bigger picture and are never the sole focus during development. Revo Software offers a perfect balance of performance, economy, longevity and safety.

It wasn't that long ago the VW Group had a 1.8T engine as the sporty powerplant for their mid-size family hatch/saloon offerings, however with a few years of 2.0T engines available in various power outputs the current 1.8TSI engine is often looked upon as the 'non-performance' option. 

We tend to disagree with that viewpoint, this is a great engine with a lot of untapped potentials. We've been working on calibration for this 1.8TSI in several regions with varying climatic conditions and have had the pleasure of experiencing it in all of the vehicle variants. 

These latest MQB chassis vehicles are typically lighter than previous versions, making them feel a little more spritely to start with. Add Stage1 Revo software into the mix and you’ve got a great package, loads of flexibility, fantastic power delivery and an engine that's as happy using its torque at low revs as it is being taken to the redline. Don't let the diesel counterpart get the better of you. Stage1 software will bring your car to life. 

Testing facilities at their UK Headquarters as well as a track office at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Revo can test their products extensively on and off track. Testing products in this way are paramount to ensuring that along with more useable power and torque comes refined driveability, something often overlooked.


Testing on a dyno will only ever tell part of the story. Revo believes in data-logging on the road and racetrack as well as testing in controlled dyno conditions, to give you a clearer picture of the performance you can expect. This plays an important role in the Revo development process, ensuring the highest quality products that perform where and when it matters most.


Access to vehicles is imperative to development and testing. Revo runs one of the most extensive fleets in the industry and has access to hundreds of other beta vehicles via a global Authorised Dealer Network. These vehicles not only demonstrates what is capable using Revo products, which cover thousands of miles in a multitude of climates, but also ensures that vehicles perform in any scenario, from a trip to the local shops to an epic adventure in the Alps.


1.8 TSI EA888 Stage 1
Revo 1.8 TSI EA888 MQB Stage 1

  * All graph data produced on a  1.8 TSI EA888 Gen3 engine with DSG with torque  limitation with Standard Shell vpower Pump Fuel

  • Torque for DSG7 Gearbox vehicles will be limited to 300 -320 NM
  • Torque for DSG6 / Manual Gearbox vehicle will see 350 - 376 NM
  • 3 Performance modes
  • OBD Port Install


  • Setting #1 on your SPS sets your vehicle to stock*
  • Setting #2 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode A (Tuned for lower octane pump fuel/poor operating conditions - )
  • Setting #3 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode B (Tuned for high octane pump fuel/good operating conditions)
  • Setting #3 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode C (Tuned for high octane pump fuel/ideal operating conditions)
  • *NOTE: Stock mode is not completely stock, it will run similar performance levels to a stock vehicle. Your Revo dealer has a complete factory stock file, if any main dealer warranty or servicing work is required, we recommend returning your vehicle to complete stock.




Switchable Mapping for Stock and 3 Performance modes




Revo Software can be installed quickly and safely via the OBD port without the need to open the ECU.


We know you'll love how Revo Software transforms your car. If you don't, we'll give you your money back.


Dependant on your driving style, this software will deliver like for like fuel economy in 'normal' driving conditions.


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