Revo brzdový kit Golf 5 platforma

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Model Audi: A3 8P, S3 8P, TT 8J, TTS 8J
Model Volkswagen: Golf 5 GTI, Golf 6 GTI, Golf 6 R, Scirocco, Scirocco R
Model Seat: Leon 1P
Model Škoda: Octavia 2 RS, Superb 2
Produkt: Brzdové kity
Průměr kotouče: podle varianty
Šířka kotouče: 32mm
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If you’re adding the kind of power to your car that an upgrade package from Revo can provide then you’re definitely also going to need effective stopping power and it doesn’t get much more effective than a Revo Mono-4/Mono-6 Big Brake Kit. Suitable for fast-road and track day use, this will give you a whole new level of stopping power.

  • Massively enhanced stopping power
  • Huge heat fade resistance
  • Suitable for road or track

A Revo Mono-4/Mono-6 Big Brake kit is a Big Brake Kit from Revo. It replaces your brake calipers, brake discs, and brake pads with much bigger, higher performing parts.

Replacing your cars factory calipers with huge monoblock units from Alcon allows the use of much bigger discs and pads. The 4 or 6 piston calipers from Alcon allow for greater stopping power spread out over a wider area. More brake pad in contact with more disc means more friction which means you stopping much sooner.

The Monobloc aluminium calipers keep flex to an absolute minimum ensuring optimal control and braking feel for you and ensures that no braking effort is wasted by the caliper flexing. The calipers are machined as a single piece out of T6061 which is very lightweight and rigid. Alcon are well known for high quality and having an extensive development process, so you know this set-up is going to work as it's supposed to, time after time.

High end calipers deserve high-end discs. Revo opted for cresent grooved two-piece floating discs. Two-piece floating discs are essential for a braking set-up you want to stand up to heavy, prolonged braking. A floating disc design separates the rotor and hub of the disc. The rotor is mounted to the bell with bobbins. This means that the rotor can expand outwards with heat without warping.

The crescent grooves on the disc surface offer a number of benefits. They sweep the surface of the pad clean. They allow superheated gas that builds up between the pad and the disc to escape. The short crescent shape leaves bigger areas of continuous disc surface which helps resist heat damage.

Revo needed a good high performance brake pad suitable for fast-road use, so they opted for Ferodo's DS Performance Compound. Ferodo designed this pad to have outstanding road use characteristics. They retained many of the features of their track pads, so they still offer a high friction coefficient and good heat resistance. For road use though, they also engineered in outstanding cold performance right from the first push of the pedal on a cold morning. They also engineered them to not be as dusty as a motorsport pad, and to wear easier on discs. They don't transfer too much heat to the caliper which helps keep the fluid cool.

If the kit is intended for extensive track use, Revo offer more track focused Pagid pads as an option. Please get in touch for details or to order the kit with those.

In keeping with the “only the best” theme brake lines are provided by Goodridge. The braided steel lines keep flex down to a minimum, again to ensure that no effort is wasted. To ensure the brake fluid isn’t the weakest link in the chain Motul Dot 5.1 is specified. Fully synthetic with a dry boiling point of almost 270 degrees this fluid is up to the stresses the rest of the kit will place on it.

The Revo Mono 4 and Mono 6 Big Brake Kits are fully compatible with your cars factory Anti-Lock (ABS), Traction Control (ESC) and Stability Control (ESP) systems.

This combination of high end components gives you strong, consistent, fade free brake action and excellent brake feel. This is very much the kind of peace of mind you’ll want when you’re running the kind of power a Revo upgrade package can give you for either spirited road driving or track day use. It also looks really good behind your wheels.