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Revo Ford Focus RS MK3 sání carbon Series

Původní cena 20.569,00 Kč - Původní cena 20.569,00 Kč
Původní cena
20.569,00 Kč
20.569,00 Kč - 20.569,00 Kč
Momentální cena 20.569,00 Kč
Model Ford: Focus RS mk3

Sání a filtry

Kód: RF011M200200
Značka: Revo


Key Features:
- Increased performance
- Improved airflow efficiency
- Carbon Series quality
- 12% larger diameter pipe
- Three stage foam filter with mesh

Revo Carbon Series Air Intake System
With ample efficiency for a stock vehicle, the OEM system quickly becomes a choking point for the engine when running more power. The Revo Carbon Series Air Intake System has been designed to promote smoother airflow. Keeping the stock air box helps eliminate heat soak whilst directing cold air through the new filter and 12% larger diameter carbon pipe. Each component has been specifically designed to ensure no air turbulence from joins. This increases the rate at which air can flow, ensuring maximum performance at all tuning stages.

Carbon Pipe Design
The Revo carbon pipe has been designed and manufactured from the highest quality 3K carbon to allow a specific bend radius that simply is not possible in aluminium without joins. The increased internal diameter of the pipe is designed to directly replace the plastic hose and rubber corrugated parts. This reduces restriction and maximises smoother airflow to improve both power and torque throughout the rev range.

Silicone Hoses
There are two 4 ply silicone hoses included, both offer smooth internals and flush-fit joins onto the carbon pipe for a smooth transition of air. This eliminates unwanted turbulence as the air transitions between parts. The constant taper of the turbo inlet hose allows the airflow time to adjust to the change in pressure, allowing the turbo to run more efficiently.

Air Filter
The cone shape of the Revo filter was designed to allow more free flowing air around the filter, helping reduce intake temperatures and increase performance, whilst the custom specification mesh allows the filter to keep its shape. The end of the filter has a specially designed spinning which returns into the filter channelling the air to the centre of the outlet, promoting smoother more direct airflow.

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