Revo sání Audi S4/S5 B8 3.0TFSI

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Model Audi: S4 B8, S5 B8

Sání a filtry

Kód: RA221M200200
Značka: Revo



Revo's Open Cone Air Intakes are designed to offer the best, unobstructed flow of air to your engine. The combination of high surface area conical air filter, specially designed pipework, and (where applicable) heat-shield help increase power either as a stand-alone upgrade or in combination with a remap.

  • Big conical air filter for optimal airflow to engine
  • Specially designed pipework for optimal power and torque
  • Designed to prevent engine breathing hot air

Revo's Open Cone intakes are designed to get a lot of air into your engine. By doing away entirely with the original airbox and replacing it with an open cone filter, a much greater amount of air filter surface area is on offer. This means more air into your engine, which in turn can mean more power.

Many factory air intakes come with plastic flexi-piping between parts of the original airbox and inlet. This intake replaces extensive sections of this with either aluminium hardpipe or smooth silicone hosing. This pipework flows much better than plastic flexi hose. The smooth pipe/hose interior offers much less turbulence which means when you put your foot down, your engine will come on boost sooner. Bigger bore pipework helps get more air through the system.

If the intake comes with a heat-shield, one has been necessary to keep hot air from the engine bay away from the cone filter. The filter will normally be situated in a location under the bonnet that gets cold air fed to it from outside the bonnet as the car drives along. Cold air contains more oxygen which is important for power. Preventing hot air mixing with this cold helps avoid any power loss either through less efficient combustion or through the engine trimming back the power level because of inlet temperatures.

This intake should increase power alone, but it really comes into it's own when combined with remaps - like Revo's own. Replacing the original airbox with a big cone filter helps ensure that the flow of air into the engine is never a limiting factor in how much power it can make. This intake should be suitable well up into the higher stage upgrades.

The open cone filters Revo use for these are made from oiled foam. The specially designed filter medium is designed to flow well throughout the life of the filter. It comes in layers with different sized holes, to catch different grades of dust. This helps ensure that dust doesn't all clog one layer and that the filter flows well for longer.