Revo sání carbon series RS3 8v2/TTRS 8S

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Model Audi: RS3 8V facelift, TTRS 8S

Sání a filtry

Kód: RA551M200100
Značka: Revo


  • Maintains OEM Look
  • Replaces Restrictive Pipework
  • Increased Airflow

Revo have solved that problem with a range of carbon fibre air intakes. This kit retains the factory airbox, but replaces the front air scoop, the panel filter, and on petrol engines, the turbo pipework.

The front panel is replaced with an attractive carbon fibre unit. This grabs air coming over the top of the radiator and forces it into the airbox by means of internal fins. This arrangement provides an excellent supply of cold air from outside the engine bay to the airbox. Cold air is important because cold air is denser which means for every spin of the turbo it's gulping down more oxygen. This means, particularly on a remapped engine, the engine makes power more easily and is less likely to be limited by the intake.

For petrol engines, the kit also includes a silicone boost hose made for Revo by Samco. Samco should need no introduction. Their handmade silicone hoses are some of the best in the business. The design of this hose is intended to smooth out the flow of air to the turbo ensuring as little lag as possible whilst improving flow rate. Samco's unique production process means that even complex shaped pipes can be made with precision. The factory pipe is convoluted (or ribbed) which while necessary for a plastic pipe isn't for silicone.

For petrol engines, the air filter is replaced with a higher flowing three stage foam unit. This allows more air through than the paper element VW specced from the factory. The three stage foam design uses layers of successively thinner foam to prevent the filter getting clogged quickly.

By upgrading these areas higher performance is extracted from the factory system whilst retaining a slick OEM+ look and sound. This is ideal if you're going for the sleeper thing. The intake upgrade is fully compatible with Revo's software, offering the increased air flow needed for the higher stages.