Revo sání Ford Fiesta 1.6 ST

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Model Ford: Fiesta ST mk7

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Kód: RF032M200100
Značka: Revo


The REVO Air Intake Induction Kit is one of the best performing intake kits available on the market that are proven to offer substantial increases in both power and torque throughout the rev range.

The factory air-box works efficiently on a standard engines but as power is increased through tuning, it quickly becomes a major restriction. Ensuring the engine gets full access to air is paramount when increasing engine power, an open cone air intake system is the most effective way of achieving this.

REVO's pioneering design allows air to reach the turbo as quickly as possible whilst minimising turbulence and restriction. As a result, boost can be maintained for longer, giving access to more power throughout the rev-range along as well as giving a more aggressive sound with performance that can be felt all the way to the redline!

Integrates the factory MAF sensor in a specifically designed housing on the one piece intake pipe to ensure correct scaling during fitment.

REVO Performance Figures:

  • 8 to 10WHP Increase & 10NM Torque Increase

REVO Air Intake Induction Kit features:

  • Lightweight 70mm Single Piece Aluminium Intake Pipe
  • Increases Power & Torque
  • Maintains Boost For Longer
  • Three Layer Foam Filter
  • Scaled MAF Housing
  • Heat Shield & All Needed Hardware

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