Scorpion výfukový systém TT MK3 2.0TFSi Quattro

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Model Audi: TT 8S

Výfukový systém

Značka: Scorpion



Cat-back Scorpion Exhaust made of T304 stainless steel. The entire exhaust is made up of 76mm diameter pipework. By improving exhaust flow and eliminating back pressure, Scorpion Exhausts can deliver both maximum power and, more importantly, a nice sound.

You can choose between resonated (more comfortable / less noise) variant or non-resonated (louder) variant.

Cat-back exhaust - fit to catalyst backwards (cat-back). This ensures that emissions are not affected. It enhances the sound, improves engine performance and, thanks to its lower weight, improves driveability.


- made from T304 stainless steel
- 76 mm diameter
- lighter than original exhaust
- increased performance thanks to non-restrictive design
- improved tailpipe look