Stage 1

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Power Torque
Stock 66kw (88ps)  230Nm (170lbft) 
REVO Stage 1 Software 82-85kW (110ps to 114ps)  260-277Nm (192lbft - 205lbft) 




Stage 1 Performance Software increases power and torque throughout the rev range and gives very smooth power delivery as well as improving fuel economy. Revo software is a must if you want to see the true potential of the 1.6TDi CR engine. With peak horsepower increases of almost 24bhp and close to 30lbft of torque held throughout most of the rev range the 88ps engine really comes to life with Revo Stage 1. Although the increase is substantial, the delivery of additional power is smooth, consistent and more importantly usable as the increase is throughout the entire rev range.

Fuel economy is always a consideration when tuning your diesel. As with many things in life there are a number of variables; the biggest probably being the driver and driving style. However as our customers find out the worst case scenario is seeing like for like economy to a standard car, in many cases customers seeing as much as a 10% improvement.