Stage 2

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Power Torque
Stock 162kW (220ps) 300Nm (221lbft)
REVO Stage 2 Software


(235ps - 265ps)


(257lbft - 297lbft)



Hardware Requirements:

- Turbo Back Exhaust with Sports Cat

- High Flow Intake System with correct MAF scaling

Hardware Recommendations:

- Uprated Intercooler

- Uprated Engine Mounts

- Latest revision factory DV

- Latest revision factory PCV


Stage 2 Performance Software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from the 2.0TFSI with a bolt on performance exhaust and quality cold air intake. Stage 2 software is boost, fuelling and timing adjustable with slightly more flexibility than Stage 1 allowing the vehicle to be setup to suit the fuel quality, driving conditions and driver preferences. 2.0TFSI Stage 2 software is specifically tuned to suit the limitations of the standard high pressure fuel pump.