Wagner Tuning intercooler Audi RS3 8V

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Model Audi: RS3 8V, RS3 8V facelift

Intercoolery a vedení

Kód: 200001081
Kód: 200001081-ACCO
Značka: Wagner Tuning


Competition Intercooler kit EVO3 for Audi RS3 8V Audi RS3 8V Sportback 270KW/367PS 04/2015?04/2016 Audi RS3 8V Sportback/Sedan 294KW/400PS 08/2017+ This high performance intercooler has the following core dimension 515mm x 367 [274] mm x 95mm providing a 84% larger cooling surface and 101% more charge air volume compared to the original intercooler. Our newly developed competition core provides ample airflow to the adjacent components (eg the water radiator) and is also very lightweight in construction. The end tanks of the intercooler are made of free form cast aluminium and have been optimized in CAD. With the help of additional air guides inside the inlet we achieve uniform filling of the intercooler. This gives excellent cooling with minimum back pressure. This kit is the ultimate unit for extreme road and racing. The intercooler and the original cross member form a stable unit and weighs only 11.7 kg. It is mounted to the original mounting points and is easy to perform (1:1 exchange). Optimum cooling of the charged air with a clear increase in performance! OEM Intercooler: Cooling Surface 1024 sq cm / Charge-Air-Volume 8.2L WT EVO 3 Competition: Cooling Surface 1890 sq cm / Charge-Air-Volume 16.5L This unit if for vehicles with adaptive cruise control ACC If your car DOES NOT have ACC please use version 200001081.NOACC.S