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Revo MK5/6 Pendulum Mount Set

Původní cena 5.029,00 Kč - Původní cena 5.029,00 Kč
Původní cena
5.029,00 Kč
5.029,00 Kč - 5.029,00 Kč
Momentální cena 5.029,00 Kč
Model Audi: A3 8P, S3 8P, TT 8J, TTS 8J
Model Volkswagen: Golf 5 GTI, Golf 6 GTI, Golf 6 R, Scirocco, Scirocco R
Model Seat: Leon 1P
Model Škoda: Octavia 2 RS, Superb 2

Držáky motoru

Kód: RV501M500200
Značka: Revo



The Revo mount upgrade kit is designed to improve the driving experience of your vehicle.

Power development on the EA888 2.0L engine quickly uncovered problems with severe engine movement. The fluid-damper design of the stock engine/transmission mounts and air gap design of the lower torque mount become overtaxed with increased power, numbing the driver of critical vehicle feedback and absorbing useable power.

The Revo mount system includes replacement engine and transmission mount assemblies, as well as a replacement lower torque arm and lower bushing insert. Precision-machined aluminium/stainless steel parts and Powerflex polyurethane bushings manage the movement of uprated engines, transferring more energy to the wheels versus the OEM mounts. The polyurethane bushing design provides a more connected feeling for the driver during spirited drives, reducing engine movement and stiffening up the front of your vehicle.



  • High strength, high-quality material construction
  • Direct replacement kit
  • Powerflex polyurethane bushings
  • Reduced engine movement



Using 3D CAD modelling software, Revo engineers digitized each OEM mount for exact fitment. Several prototypes were evaluated to ensure factory alignment between the vehicle’s engine and chassis. Each Revo kit includes an assortment of brackets and spacers to securely mount any accessories previously fixtured to the stock units.



6061 T6 aluminium billet and 304 stainless steel round are used to manufacture the mount frames, while each bushing is moulded from top quality polyurethane by Powerflex. All manufacturing is controlled to a strict dimensional tolerance to guarantee each mount is identical to the prototypes tested. Custom length, Grade 10.9 bolts are supplied with each kit to match the strength & thread engagement of the factory units.



Powerflex utilises a unique formula of polyurethane, custom designed to ensure optimum fitment in the machined housings. After testing of various amounts of compliance, our engineers were able to fine-tune the final bush to achieve a balance between performance and comfort. Polyurethane is also resistant to oil, fuel unlike the rubber used in the OEM mount which can lead to perishing and failure. Our specified durometers provide a stiffer mount to limit the engine movement without compromising on NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) levels in the process.



Long-term prototype testing revealed several key elements integrated into the Revo pendulum mount. High durometer link bushings are used to keep but decrease compliance at the stock location, thereby reducing accelerated wear on the stock sub-frame mount while still reducing engine movement. Close manufacturing tolerances are held on the rear of the pendulum mount arm, ensuring perfect fitment into the stock sub-frame mount on every vehicle. Prototype testing revealed that even high-spec. hard anodizing succumb to the combination of heat/road debris over time and fades, leaving the bare aluminium exposed to the elements. As such, both exposed aluminium pieces are powder coated and stainless steel bolts used to ensure corrosion resistance.


Fitting Notes:


Will Only fit vehicles with Manual 6 Speed and DSG Transmissions

Performance Engines mounts will produce more vibrations at low RPM then softer OEM Mounts.








Golf Mk5

2.0 TFSI

2003 - 2009


Golf Mk6

2.0 TFSI / TSI

2008 - 2013



2.0 TFSI

2005 - 2011



2.0 TSI

2012 >



2.0 TSI

2006 >



2.0 TFSI / TSI

2008 >


A3 (8P)

2.0 TFSI

2003 - 2012


S3 (8P)

2.0 TFSI

2006 - 2012


TT / TTS (Pendulum Mount Doesnt fit this vehicle) 

2.0 TFSI / TSI

2007 - 2014



2.0 TFSI / TSI

2005 - 2011



2.0 TFSI / TSI

2004 - 2013

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