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Stage 2

Původní cena 14.817,00 Kč - Původní cena 14.817,00 Kč
Původní cena
14.817,00 Kč
14.817,00 Kč - 14.817,00 Kč
Momentální cena 14.817,00 Kč
Power Torque
Stock 125kW (170ps) 230Nm (170lbft)
REVO Stage 2 Software


(195ps - 210ps)


(230lbft - 250lbft)



  • Turbo Back Exhaust with a Sports Cat
  • Uprated FMIC Intercooler (note: uprated standard location intercoolers will still limit the potential of the engine)
  • LCR/S3/TT225 spec. 380cc (@3bar fuel pressure) EV12 style Injectors


  • Hign Flow Intake System with correct MAF scaling
  • Uprated Turbo Inlet Pipe (TIP)
  • Uprated Boost Pipes

Stage2 software for the 1.8T is designed to make the most of additional airflow and cooling modifications. Whilst stage2 can be setup to suit just an uprated exhaust with sports cat you will not see the full benefit of the engine/software without using the full hardware list and running an uprated intake and Front Mount Intercooler. There are many other hardware modifications that can be done to maximise the potential of the engine such as uprated boost pipes and Turbo inlet pipe.

SPS Settings

Stock Mode – (Position 1 on your SPS)

Puts the car into a ‘stock’ running mode. When running in Stock mode Revo software is still present and installed on your ECU just not active.

Performance Modes (Positions 2, 3, and 4 on your SPS)

The three Performance Modes are Boost and Timing adjustable, your Revo Dealer can set these modes up to suit your requirements. Settings can be setup to suit fuel quality differences, atmospheric condition differences (hot/cold weather), and driver preference (Low Boost/High Boost) or can be set to a Valet Mode which limits RPM to 3500 and doesn’t allow the engine to make any boost.

Anti-Theft ON – (Position 5 on your SPS)

When Anti-Theft is active the vehicle cannot be driven even if the keys are used. When the ignition is turned on the car will start and idle but will not respond to throttle input.

Anti-Theft OFF – (Position 6 on your SPS)

Turns off Anti-Theft Mode. Reverting to the last used mode (stock or performance 1,2,3)


Technical Notes

Please click here for technical support information regarding the 1.8T engine

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